• Bricks & Tile Saws

    Light and portable, includes 2 wheels for easy transportation.
    Bevel cutting is quickly set up by rotating the machine head from 90 to 45 (TS 351 -45 Only).
    Heavy gauge jig welded frame - ensure maximum rigidity for precision cutting.
    Conveyor cart mounted on 6 sealed bearings - ensures stability and accuracy of cut.
    Adjustable cutting guide - for cutting at various angles.
    Circulating water system by electric submersible pump - for diamond blade cooling.
    Auto thermal overload - protects motor from overheating.
    Carrying handles - for convenient lifting and moving.
    No-Volt safety switch prevents dangerous starting after electric power failure.
    Height adjustable legs allows stable positioning of machine even on uneven surfaces.
  • Cat.No. M31100



    3HP 220V electric motor, incl. detachable legs and wheel set

    • Max. cutting length 600mm
    • weight: 72 kg
    • blade capacity: 350/300 mm
    • depth of cut: 210* mm
    • also available with 3HP 110V or 4HP 380V motor