• Reversible Plate Compactors

    Forward and reverse compaction.
    working width 50-85 cm.
    Self tightening clutch-for long v-belt life.
    Reinforced and strengthened base plate, especially designed for tough jobs.
    Ideal compactor for confined areas.
    Especially suitable for compaction in utility trenches, along highways, parking areas
        along foundations, walls and abutments.
    Handle locks in one swift motion, allowing easy transport in the upright position.
    Extra strong anti-vibration mounting brackets.
  • RP4014


    Cat.No. M11403.A
    7.6 HP Hatz diesel engine, incl. protection cage.

    • centrifugal force: 4000kg
    • weight: 275 kg
    • plate width: 50 cm
    • optional: electric start

    Cat.No. M11403.B
    7.6 HP Hatz diesel engine with protection cage.

    • centrifugal force: 4000kg
    • weight: 285 kg
    • plate width: 60 cm
    • optional: electric start