• Professional Tile Saw

    Universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of tiles and marble.
    Ideal for long accurate cutting.
    Maximum cutting depth of 105 mm in one pass or up to 210 mm by step cutting.
    Auto thermal overload - protects motor from overheating.
    Precise 45 degree cutting by rotating the cutting head.
    Effortless adjustment of cutting depth.
    Extendable cutting table.
    Robust and reliable.
    Wheel set for easy transport at work sit (except PS351-150M).
  • Cat.No. M31520.C



    3HP single phase (220V) motor, incl. Legs & wheel set,

    • Max. Cutting length 1000mm.
    • weight: 109 kg
    • blade capacity: 300/350 mm
    • depth of cut: 75/105 mm
    • also available with 4HP 380V motor